Honda Engines

Totally Boating is pleased to offer the full range of Honda Marine outboard motors, parts and accessories.

With a unique blend of automotive and marine engine technologies, Honda’s range of outboard engines are a superb example of engineering and excellence. They have fantastic fuel economy, quiet operation and reliability you can count on.
Honda’s small engines start in the 2.3hp – 8hp range and offer reliable, quiet and extremely fuel efficient operation for a small boat or as an auxiliary you can rely on. For the small to mid-range horsepower engines, there’s plenty of punch in the Honda BF40 and BF50 and they are a popular choice on the new Smartwave 4200 centre console packages. There’s a full range of engines in the larger horsepower range including the grunty 115hp which punches way above it’s class in terms of it’s acceleration and power.
For the power hungry and larger boat applications, Honda’s all new Flagship BF250 is a piece of engineering genius with some fantastic new technology including a unique air induction system, AMP+, a variable charging system that adjusts automatically to your requirements and a new more efficient gear case design.
Of course, the BF250 also includes tried and true exclusive Honda technology found on other engines in the range. Like the BLAST system for a vastly improved acceleration out of the hole, VTEC technology for more power where and when you want it, and Lean Burn Control for optimal fuel economy.
Honda is the world’s largest engine manufacturer and Honda marine outboards are designed and built on the same engine blocks used in Honda vehicles that have proven themselves over millions of miles. Honda applies the same high standards of quality from the automotive world to their Marine products to ensure they are just as reliable in marine applications.
Combine all this with Honda Marine’s 5 year Warranty, Honda’s legendary quality and reliability, and you’ve got a fantastic offering in a Honda outboard!
Totally Boating are authorised sales and service agents for all Honda Marine products. Our skilled and knowledgeable staff can answer any queries you have and keep your engine running smoothly and reliably. Call us now on 0800 999 121 for a no-obligation quote to repower your boat with a new Honda.